6 Things You Need To Overhaul Your Open Kitchen

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People spend hours in their bedrooms and living rooms and hence spend a lot of time and resources designing them. However, in modern homes, the kitchen is no longer a neglected part of the home decor. Modern-day houses have fancy kitchens, and with the advent of open kitchens, kitchen decors have a fresh lease of life. Kitchen lights have become more trendy; cabinets, floors, and shelves come in various colors and patterns.

Homeowners might get bored seeing the same kitchen walls and slabs for years. Hence they might want to give their kitchens a new look. Here is a list of things that can help give your kitchen a brand new look and feel.

6 Things To Keep In Mind When You Are About To Give A Rehaul To Your Old Kitchen

Look For Some Great Lighting Options

Great lights can change and uplift the feel of any room in no time. Changing the lights becomes almost inevitable if you plan to give a fresh look to your kitchen. LED lights, be they in the form of strips or placed on a stand, can significantly uplift the look of a kitchen. LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally sustainable alternatives to CFL, sodium vapor lights, etc. Moreover, LEDs are readily customizable.

For instance, LED light strips can be readily bent to form creative illustrations. The presence of LED lights on corners of the kitchen can illuminate the entire kitchen with light. In fact, LED lights on the stands can change colors using a remote control.

Changing The Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets get damaged with regular usage. Sometimes there is discoloration, and sometimes the handles may fall apart; at other times, the hinges might get rusted. People might think that a cabinet hinge is a trivial part of the cabinet. However, hinges are extremely important. If they are too rusted, the cabinet might become non-functional. Opening and closing the cabinet might become a challenge if they are too tight.

Hinges can be of different types, and an overlay hinge is one that is placed over the main frame of the cabinet. A demountable hinge allows easy removal of cabinet doors. Hence they are helpful for repair purposes. If the wood of the door is distorted, then the door can be easily removed if it is attached by a demountable hinge.

If you place Maxave Kitchen Cabinet hinges bulk orders, then you can get a large number of hinges at a low price to replace the old hinges of your cabinet. Moreover, you can cover your old kitchen cabinets with glossy vinyl papers that have adhesive for attachment. These papers come in a wide range of colors and are waterproof.

Getting New Furniture For The Open Kitchen

Open kitchens use the countertop as a dining table as well. Thus you might need to get chairs to sit around the countertop. While wooden chairs can give a classy look, they have a hard surface which might be uncomfortable for some people. In that case, you can go for Keekea upholstered chairs. These chairs are incredibly soft and comfortable to sit on.

Upholstered material can be velvet silk or a lot of other things. They can even be printed, making your kitchen look bright and colorful. Some upholstered materials can be stain resistant. For such materials, stains can be removed with a simple sponge and soap. So if you have small kids at home, then you should probably go for such stain-resistant material. Also, if you have pets at home, you should use stain-resistant materials or dark-colored fabrics.

Changing The Flooring

If the present floor of your kitchen is made up of tiles, then the tiles have to be broken and removed for the flooring to be changed. However, if you have a vinyl floor, then it would be easier to remove the flooring. Some people might like wooden floors, but termites often damage them. So the type of flooring you want for your kitchen should be decided based on your budget and your preference.

Changing The Countertop

The countertop is the central working station of the kitchen. It has to be a specific size and thickness to last long; again, wooden countertops can be fragile and have a limited life. However, granite and marble countertops usually last long. Besides, the choice of countertop and its dimensions will depend on your budget and convenience.

Deciding The Wall Paintings

The color type and finish of the wall paint should match the overall decor of the house. You can choose an acrylic paint or distemper for your kitchen walls. However, open kitchens have very little wall space; hence the color should match the paint of your house.

Deciding The Wall Paintings


Revamping your kitchen might take time, effort, and a lot of money. Thus it would help if you put in a reasonable amount of time to research all the options for a particular product, be it a light or a chair.

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