7 Free-Spirited Tops to Add to Your Wardrobe

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If you’re looking to add some bohemian flair to your wardrobe, free-spirited tops are the perfect way to do so. With their loose, flowy designs and intricate details, boho tops can create a free-spirited and effortless look. This article will help you to provide a list of seven bohemian tops to add to your wardrobe, offer tips on how to style them, and share advice on accessorising them to create a perfectly bohemian look.

1. Peasant Top

A peasant top is a classic boho style with its flowy silhouette and detailed embroidery. This top can be dressed up or down and pairs well with anything from denim shorts to maxi skirts. Choose a peasant top with billowy sleeves and tassel ties for an authentic bohemian look.

2. Off-the-Shoulder Top

An off-the-shoulder top is a trendy and flirty boho option. This style shows off your shoulders while still keeping things loose and comfortable. Look for tops with elasticised necklines or adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit.

3. Crochet Top

A crochet top adds texture and visual interest to any outfit. This boho staple is perfect for layering over a camisole or bralette for a fun and flirty look. Choose a crochet top with an open weave for a breezy and airy feel.

4. Flowy Tunic

A flowy tunic is a versatile boho option that can be dressed up or down. This top is perfect for hot summer days with its loose and breathable design. Look for tunics with delicate embroidery or lace detailing for a feminine touch.

5. Kimono Top

A kimono top is a bohemian classic with its loose and flowing silhouette. This top can be worn over a simple tank top or dress for an added layer of texture and interest. Choose a kimono top with a bold print or vibrant colour for a statement-making look.

6. Embroidered Top

An embroidered top is a boho staple with its intricate and detailed designs. This top can be dressed up or down and pairs well with everything from denim shorts to maxi skirts. Choose a top with colourful embroidery for a playful and fun touch.

7. Tie-Dye Top

A tie-dye top adds a playful and retro vibe to any outfit. This boho trend is perfect for creating a carefree and casual look. Choose a top with bright and bold colours for a statement-making look.

How to Style Your Boho Tops

Boho tops are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe, and there are countless ways to style them. For a relaxed and casual look, pair a flowy tunic with denim shorts and sandals. This is an excellent option for a day out with friends or running errands. If you’re looking for a more dressed-up option, tuck a peasant top into a maxi skirt and add a statement necklace. This is a great option for a boho-inspired wedding or event. For a beachy and carefree vibe, layer a kimono top over a swimsuit and add a floppy hat and sunglasses. Whatever your personal style may be, there’s a way to incorporate boho tops into your wardrobe.

Accessorising Your Boho Tops

Accessorising your bohemian tops is a great way to enhance your overall look. Layering long necklaces and bracelets can add a bohemian touch to your outfit. A fringed purse or bag can add a fun and playful touch. For footwear, ankle boots or strappy sandals can complete the boho look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and patterns to create a unique and eye-catching outfit. Accessorising these tops is all about expressing your personal style and adding your own unique touch to your outfit.


Boho tops are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. With their loose and flowy designs and intricate details, these tops can create a free-spirited and effortless look. Experiment with different styles and designs to find the perfect boho top for your personal style. Pair them with your favourite accessories and create a bohemian-inspired outfit that is uniquely yours.

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