A Safe Playground Is Essential for Children in Daycare


A 안전놀이터is essential for children in daycare, and they will spend more time outdoors than ever before. Following sound safety, practices are a great way to keep them safe, and it also acts as a good example for parents. One of the best ways to make sure your playground is as safe as possible is to check for hazards every day. Listed below are some common hazards on playgrounds that children may encounter. Make sure you remove these hazards and replace them with a safer material.

Unsafe playground surfaces

Despite its benefits, some playground surfaces can be hazardous to children. A new bill in Connecticut imposes a moratorium on playgrounds with rubber surfacing until guidelines are created for its use. Minneapolis is also considering such a ban. Here are a few of the benefits of rubber playground surfaces. They are not prone to animal damage but require little maintenance. Also, they are easy to clean. Read on to learn more.

Unsafe playground equipment

When it comes to playground equipment, one thing you need to look for is sloping or angled surfaces. This can lead to cuts or traumatic brain injuries in children. Additionally, you should pay attention to exposed screws. Children can get their clothing stuck in these places and suffer severe injuries. Unsightly holes in the play structure are another cause of concern. When in doubt, always check the manufacturer’s safety standards. Listed below are some other items to look for when inspecting playground equipment.

Unsafe player platforms

A 안전놀이터should have platforms with guardrails that are low enough for young children to play without falling through. Slides and other structures should also have openings that are wide enough for small children to sit through and climb out of. Sturdy handrails should be attached to climbing walls and stairs. Playground hardware should be protected by a non-toxic coating or be made of natural materials that are resistant to rust and warping.

Unsafe wood chips

The use of unsafe wood chips in a playground can pose many health risks. Children are more likely to contract allergies and develop skin rashes if they are exposed to certain chemicals. In addition to this, they are also detrimental to the environment. These wood chips should never contain pesticides. In addition, they should never contain chromate copper arsenate, a dangerous substance used for timber preservation. In addition, unsafe wood chips should never contain treated wood, as it will give off a green tint.

Unsafe pea gravel

While it looks pretty, unsafe pea gravel for playgrounds is not an ideal choice for play areas. This type of playground surface needs to be carefully maintained to prevent contamination. You should check pea gravel periodically for weeds and sharp objects. In addition, you should spray pea gravel to remove debris. If you’re not sure whether pea gravel is suitable for your playground, learn more about the pros and cons of pea gravel below.

Unsafe concrete

An undeveloped and unsafe concrete playground can lead to serious injuries and damage. Children are particularly susceptible to injuries when playing on a concrete surface. This is why the playground surfacing is subject to ASTM standards. These standards require playground surfaces to conform to the following: ASTM 1292, ASTM 1951, and ASTM 1487 for safety zones. These standards require that the surfacing meets safety standards in areas that receive high traffic, such as near the entrance to the playground.

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