Astrological Predictions: Is there a thing called ‘bad natal chart’?

Astrological Predictions

The concept of a “bad” natal chart is nonexistent.

There are charts that are “difficult” and charts that are “easy,” each one will have a combination of many various attributes.

The most important thing, supposedly is how you handle your horoscope, how it shows up in your life, and how you are able to maximise what you were given at birth.

Your astrological chart provides insight into your potentials. You can either use any of those that may be of interest to you, or you can opt to ignore them and pursue your own route. Your strengths and weaknesses are determined by your birth chart. Knowing your area of weakness can help you improve it and turn it into a strength.

The Sri Vidhya Sadhana is a well-known Sadhana that is frequently utilised to ascend above your birth chart. The possibilities in this life are endless. Do not limit yourself. There are sadhanas and mantra japa’s that, regardless of your karma or horoscope phala, will cause the karma to start dissipating.

There are a lot of people whose horoscopes sometimes appear to be quite ironical in light of what they’ve accomplished in life. Although they have gone beyond planetary moment impacts, it feels like the horoscope itself is incorrect.

No matter what, if you follow Money, the effects of the planet will be felt by you.

We can’t deny the fact that money isn’t necessary in this world; it certainly is, especially if you’re responsible for a family. However, people should be aware of their spending limits.

Even a family man with a poor horoscope might use different mantras and japas to resolve his basic requirements issue. People can only ascend to higher dimensions of height after experiencing both extremes of wealth and poverty. Otherwise, the definition of life will fall short. There are many people for whom materialistic things don’t matter. They spend years, and maybe even decades, trying to comprehend what life is all about and who they are.

One should not worry.

Even if one has a difficult chart, destiny can be improvised, even through free astrology predictions. You have no boundaries; you have no end. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we were born human beings with intellects, especially in this era of the 20th century where everyone may access any information. We should focus on the growth of all aspects of life, both monetary or spiritual elements.

You can always think about the opposite of a trait in your chart if you don’t like it: If you don’t like the way your attitude is, remember that it also serves as a source of inspiration for you to carry out your plans and accomplish great things. If you take that away, you might also take away your ability to accomplish great things. That does not constitute a good or bad chart. It implies that you still have some control over your identity and course of action. With proper guidance, counselling, and remedies through our free astrology services, even people with seemingly ‘bad’ birth horoscopes can find huge success.

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