Because some slot machines offer better odds than others


Slot machines, such as สล็อตเว็บตร, have always been the most popular and used game in online casinos, probably because they don’t require a particular skill like poker or blackjack and don’t have to compete against other people, they represent the game with the simplest dynamics. In the most basic versions just press the button and see the result. As with all gambling, there are some myths and secrets about how to win easily. Many players also claim that there are slots that pay more.

Let’s start immediately by stating that there are certainly better slot machines in terms of winnings, but how to recognize them? How can you make the most of this advantage the next time you visit an online casino?

How do the different slot machines work?

The initial assumption from which to start is that slot machines always work with an algorithm. This means that mathematical calculations decide from time to time whether the player sitting at that moment in front of the screen will win or not and how much he will win. The consequences are two and both positive:

  1. No technique can always win at slots.
  2. Anyone can play these machines for fun as no knowledge of any rules or skill is required.

Without prejudice to the two points listed above, it is true that knowing in broad terms how the algorithms underlying slots work can represent a more responsible and safer gaming attitude.

The operation of slot machines is all in all quite simple. A certain combination of more or less identical symbols determines the player’s win. All in all, the latter must only administer the bets and therefore decide from time to time how much to bet before activating the reels.

Slots work based on very large game cycles, i.e. on thousands and thousands of rotations made. The law establishes how much payout the machine must necessarily pay within each cycle to be legal and authorized. This payout is then a stable percentage of how much the machine cashed in that cycle.

Video slots in online casinos are therefore real computers with software and a processor that generates random numbers or symbols. To guarantee the impartiality of the machine and therefore the randomness of the results, as well as the transparency and regularity of the game, the software, and the processor are very complex and must be perfectly calibrated. For this reason, no one, not even the most capable mathematician, can predict future results.

What makes some slots more likely to pay out than others?

In addition to the software that generates winnings randomly, but within certain rules established by the competent authorities, some factors influence the functioning of slot machines:

The payout percentage.

The frequency of winning or volatility.

The jackpot.

The payout percentage is nothing more than the part of the machine’s proceeds which by law must be returned each cycle in the form of winnings to the player who happens to be playing at that moment. It is evident that the higher this percentage is, the higher the winnings will be. Slots in online casinos have a percentage established by law which must be no less than 90% of the proceeds, while physical slots in traditional casinos and slot halls have a percentage that stops at 75%.

So online gaming pays more in this case than gaming in person or in designated and authorized places. Among the same online slot machines then there are some with higher payouts than others which can even reach interesting percentages such as 97%. It is, therefore, necessary to pay attention to the Payout percentage indicated in the slot before starting to play, but not only…

To play having fun and more consciously, it is necessary to consider the volatility of the machine as well as the payout. The latter represents the frequency with which a win is paid. 

Therefore that if the machine is calibrated with high volatility, the winnings will be paid less frequently but will be more important, while if the winning frequency is low then there will be greater chances of winning but of less conspicuous sums. Also for this reason it is advisable to pay attention to this parameter reported on the single slot. It is clear that if a person wants to have fun and try to win some money then he will be able to choose a machine with low volatility and that is, one that pays less but more often. If, on the other hand, he wants a large win then he will have to bet on machines with high payouts and high frequency.

 The last factor that must be taken into account to play slot machines responsibly is the jackpot. Simplistically, this represents the greatest and maximum payout that a single machine can bestow only if a specific but very rare sequence occurs. Precisely because this sequence is very rare, it will pay more than all the others.

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