BetSoft’s casino jackpots were stuck for months on Major Site Toto


Among the best RealTime Gaming casinos메이저사이트 is Ignition Casino. In addition to matching your initial deposits, Ignition Casino offers a VIP program where you can access exclusive games and bonuses. Take Jurassic Park and Jurassic World; we’ve shown them both in Sin City. We’ve also enjoyed many well-known games and movies, such as Monopoly, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman & Robin from the 1960s, The Flintstones, LIFE, and many others.

Whether or not you can play the casino’s games is one of the most significant impacts of their software on your experience.

Microgaming is an excellent case

Microgaming is an excellent case in point. American메이저사이트 players are not accepted at any online casino powered by Microgaming. None. Even if you do, we have serious doubts that it is a legitimate casino, let alone one that is secure and sustainable. Not if they care about maintaining their legal status, let alone their bottom line.

Before we wrap up, it’s important to mention why you should be picky about the casino and the casino software you use.

software vendors

This is because software vendors still manage profitable enterprises in a multibillion-dollar market despite their relatively low profile.

To rephrase, you shouldn’t assume that the people who make your software are perfect angels who would never intentionally harm you. Ignoring them completely is even worse.

There are software providers that engage in shady practices, just like there are casino operators. BetSoft is the most recent company of its kind that comes to mind.

software providers

It would be best if you read the whole thing for yourself, but here’s a summary of their antics:

There was a jackpot win, thanks to free spins. However, the casino and BetSoft denied the player’s payout requests. The rules supposedly state that any progressives who won during a free spin are not to be paid out. After the incident, this regulation was implemented.

Their ability to issue licenses and conduct audits are dubious. For a timeline of when each of these shenanigans took place, you can also visit site

BetSoft’s poor response earned the company 2016’s Head in the Sand honor from site.

To that end, it stands to reason that you should exercise extreme caution, possibly even avoid the casino altogether, if it were revealed that the only software powering the games was BetSoft’s proprietary variety of the progressive slot.And they’re just one of the dozens (or even hundreds) of software makers out there.


If you discover a casino is using games from a questionable software provider, you don’t have to completely disregard that casino. You have to wonder about their morals and ethics. This is a simple method for determining whether a casino is legit and worth signing up with.

Neither the casino nor the software provider can be relied upon to verify the other’s legitimacy. Two examples are RealTime Gaming and Playtech, which many trustworthy online casinos use.

Of course, many lowlifes also make use of them. That’s the whole point: it’s mutually beneficial. Neither the software maker nor the casino can guarantee the other’s legitimacy. You, and only you, are capable of fixing that.

The bottom line is that you must verify the casino’s legitimacy on all levels before you play there, including any software companies that work with them.

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