Converting cryptocurrency to fiat using an exchanger


Each cryptocurrency user sooner or later faces the question: of how to withdraw their finances from crypto assets into real money as safely as possible and with the least loss of time and money.

How to transfer cryptocurrency to fiat?

The answer to this question is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. After all, the task is not just to convert cryptocurrency into real money with any result but to do it as profitably, quickly, and safely as possible.

While considering crypto investing strategies for beginners, we warned that investing in cryptocurrencies that an investor does not need to live in soon is better. After all, with an acute withdrawal to fiat, cryptocurrency assets can be sold at too low a price.

In this article, we will discuss the effective way to withdraw funds from the sale of cryptocurrency to a card or transfer cryptocurrency between services, their advantages, and disadvantages.

Withdrawal through exchangers

Exchangers are a popular way to withdraw ravencoin to usd.

TIP: when planning to use an exchanger without risks, remember the safety rules: always use only trusted services with a good reputation.

If you don’t know which one to choose, look at the ratings, read online reviews and thematic forums, and ask questions to the community.

Criteria for choosing an exchanger:

  • profitable course;
  • exchange type (manual or automatic);
  • list of supported cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies;
  • payment methods (cards, PS);
  • time on the market;
  • online support;
  • reserves;
  • possible discounts, promotions (if too profitable – think about it).

Action algorithm

After choosing a reliable exchanger for exchange polygon to usd, your next steps are:

  • On the exchanger’s website, create an exchange request and specify the details: the cryptocurrency you want to give and the fiat you want to receive, i.e., the number of coins or the total amount (usually there is a built-in calculator), bank card or PS details, e-mail, name, promo code, etc.
  • Start an exchange. Check out the terms and conditions and fees. Copy the address offered by the exchanger and transfer your coins in the specified amount from your wallet to this address.
  • Please wait for the confirmation of the transaction in the coin network, after which the exchange itself and the receipt of funds to your card or PS wallet will take place if there are no funds for more than 30-60 minutes after the network confirms the transaction, contact technical support. Suitable exchangers work around the clock.

TIP: if you are using the service for the first time, start the exchange with a small amount. This will allow you to carefully read the rules of the service and the pitfalls, as well as not to lose a significant amount if you fall for scammers.

Pros and cons of withdrawing through exchangers


  • Wide choice of payment systems, cards, and currencies.
  • Difficult to find the best exchange rate.


  • Verification is not required everywhere.
  • Fraud Risk.

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