Draper Esprit aims to ‘Make More Possible’, rebrands to Molten Ventures

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Reflecting the ongoing hotbed that is the European tech scene, London’s preeminent venture capital firm Draper Esprit is no longer Draper Esprit, but rather, Molten Ventures. The rebranding also includes a new company motto, ‘Make More Possible’, and reflects the firms’ unique position in the ecosystem. Not only do they invest directly in entrepreneurs, but also run a fund of funds programme, and as a listed company, make more possible for public market investors, as opposed to a limited clubhouse of a few LPs.

Molten Ventures counts 67 companies in the portfolio, a great number of which we’ve reported on here on Tech.eu, covering the consumer, digital health and wellness, AI, Deeptech, and Hardware, and Cloud, Enterprise, and SaaS markets.

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