Guide To Using One Hitter And Cleaning It Properly

Hitter And Cleaning

With more people interested in the use of cannabis for its extensive health benefits, one hitter guide becomes vital. It is often used by individuals for relaxation and to take off stress. The reason behind getting the glass hitter clogged directly relates to its use. One must follow the correct method to prevent clogging from loading to lighting it. However there are many methods of cleaning one hitter; but it is essential to understand what it is and how to use it. This is why here is a guide to using one hitter and cleaning it.

What is a hitter?

It is a pipe that can offer one inhalation of cannabis. There are wide varieties of materials used to make the pipe, the most popular being glass, and metal. It appears like a tube with two ends: a bowl and a mouthpiece. They come in various styles and often come as cigarette lookalikes. It is mainly used for a single inhalation or one hit. The miniature bowl is meant to hold a small amount of cannabis, about 25mg. Dugouts and chillum are popular types of one-hitters.

How to Use it?

Smoking through a one-hitter is not very different from using a pipe. However, one needs to hold the hitter so the cannabis does not fall. It is the reason why people close their fists while using chillums. Most people use ground cannabis, making it easier to pack, and the herb is less likely to fall while smoking. Pack the hitter tightly, angle it correctly, and then flame it. Inhale as you would do to a regular pipe. Since they are too small, ensure that the lighter is away from your lips.

If you want to avoid inhaling ash, it is suggested to use the right consistency. Don’t grind the herb too finely; it will turn to ash when you light it. Ensure the herb is broken to fit in the bowl and large enough to stay in the pipe. Turn the hitter vertically with the bowl facing downwards. Dip the same into the weed till and twist. Repeat this twice to ensure you have long-lasting results. Also, do not pack it too tight to restrict airflow.

How to Clean a Hitter?

  • Paperclip cleaning is among the most common methods of cleaning one hitter. It is suggested to heat the pipe and then use the paperclip to scrape the inside of the bowl. Do not clean it too aggressively, and remember to wash your hands well after this.
  • Glass hitters can be boiled in water to clean them. Never try this with the metal one. Do not boil the water and keep the flame low. Do not rinse it with cold water while it’s hot as it might shatter the glass.
  • Rinsing the hitter with alcohol is another popular method. It will likely give a new look to the pipe and add a good taste.
  • You can also keep your hitter overnight in a bowl of vinegar to clear the clog. Use a bristle pipe cleaner and follow it with water rinsing.

Final Thoughts

If all methods have failed, you can order some of the best hitters at a low price and enjoy smoking. The small size of the one-hitter makes it a discreet option. The mimic of the cigarette is one of the most common styles. They are also beneficial in conserving the stash by allowing to use of a tiny bit at a time. The one-hitter is less odorless than other smoking methods and won’t burn until it’s done. Use the hitter correctly and keep it clean to have the best experience.

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