Here are some safety checklists to keep you safe


When designing and planning a playground, there are some important factors you should keep in mind. These factors can reduce the risk of injury while providing an enjoyable outdoor space for children to play. Proper play structure design and up-to-code-playground equipment are essential for the safety of children. Luckily, there are checklists for safety that can help you ensure that your 안전놀이터 meets all of these standards.

Protective barriers

Protective barriers are an important part of the safety of a playground. They help prevent injuries from falls and head entrapment. In particular, these barriers should be installed in locations with elevated structures, where children are likely to climb through them. Head entrapment injuries are a serious concern because they can cause severe damage to the head and brain.

Protective barriers should be a minimum of three feet apart. The surfacing of the playground should extend at least 1.8 meters away from the equipment so that children do not fall through the surfacing. Additionally, the height of playground equipment should be adjusted to accommodate the children playing there. Also, be sure to consider the location of nearby hazards, such as cliffs, high-traffic areas, and lakes. Children should not be allowed to roam freely through the playground but should be supervised by an adult. Moreover, the surfacing of the playground should be designed so that children do not wander outside of the perimeter, and fences and thick hedges should be installed to prevent children from accessing unsafe areas.


Guardrails are a crucial part of a safe playground. They prevent children from falling through openings, which is one of the most common playground injuries. The height of the guardrails should be appropriate for the age of children who will use the playground. Generally, a guardrail must be at least 20 inches high, but it can go as high as 48 inches if it’s for a school playground.

Aside from protecting children from falls, guardrails also help them from wandering away from the play area or approaching strangers. They can also enhance the appearance of the 안전놀이터equipment and make it more attractive for children.

Unitary surfacing material

One type of unitary surfacing material for a safe playground is synthetic turf. These turfs come in a variety of styles and colors. The older generation of turf is made from nylon or polypropylene, but today’s versions are made from polyethylene. Polyethylene is softer and less abrasive, making it the perfect surface for young children. Different synthetic turfs have different weights and face heights. Some require infill, while others do not.

Another type of unitary surfacing is poured-in-place rubber, which is typically installed over concrete, asphalt, or crushed stone. This surfacing material is the most popular choice, as it requires less maintenance and can be molded to fit any size play area. However, this type of surface does require a base, which can increase the initial cost. It is important to consider this additional cost when assessing the overall cost of a surface system.

Stability of equipment

The stability of equipment in a safe playground is essential. When the equipment in the playground is unstable, a child can easily fall from it and sustain an injury. To make landings safer, the impact-absorbing surfacing is a must. This surfacing may be composed of solid materials or loose fill. To make the playground environment safer for children, make sure that the equipment meets the safety requirements of AS 4422.

To ensure that the equipment is stable, make sure that it is securely fastened to the ground. Ensure that the structure does not wiggle or move when used. Children should also be taught not to stray from swings or slides that move. Also, make sure there are no broken glass, ropes, or metal around the equipment.

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