How is Regenerative Medicine Changing the Path for Pain Management?

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In the United States, nearly 20% of adults witness some kind of pain. Also, close to half of the people who have excruciating pain find it challenging to move around with the pain. It can affect their everyday life course and upset their activities flow. 

Today, holistic and integrative medicines try and understand the root cause of all the pain and discomfort. That makes pain management better and beneficial. The treatment landscape includes everything from the radiofrequency ablation and epidural injections. There are other physical therapies and cognitive strategies as well. 

The modern-day regenerative medicine doesn’t aim to resolve the issues related to chronic pain by treating it just as pain. It also focuses on healing the damaged tissues so that a person gets treated at a cellular level. It can help to restore the mobility of the person inside out. To know more about this, you can check out San Antonio Pain control clinic

The traditional pain management

When you look at conventional pain management treatment techniques, you will notice that most clinics and doctors aim at treating the symptoms. Even though the outcomes are excellent, but it is short-lived. It means the symptoms might just come back as soon as you stop the treatment. As a result, people today want a more lasting outcome and they wish to make the most of the regenerative medicine that is becoming popular. 

The advent of regenerative medicine

While the conventional pain management processes are unique for reducing pain, the impact gets over within a short time. And while you need to resort to lifestyle and physical changes to enhance the pain condition, a part of the pain can come back. It is here you can count on regenerative medicine to heal better. Making use of potent regenerative cells and the growth factors that belong to your body, this advanced therapy can speed up your body’s natural repair system. That means your body moves to the auto-healing mode and starts to heal and restore itself. The two popular regenerative medicines are: 

  • The stem cell therapy

Through the use of the MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) that get extracted from your body, the treatment will promote healing from within. As the stem cells get injected into the injured and damaged area, it can be transformed into any kind of cell required to regenerate a healthy and fresh tissue. Naturally, it speeds up the healing process. 

  • The PRP therapy

The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy uses a little fraction of your blood platelets to remove the pain and get the body part into normal function. As the PRP injection gets used to the pain point, the potent growth factors will quickly promote healing and tissue regeneration. 

Hence, today it has been established that regenerative medicine is the best solution for chronic pain that gets caused due to age-related wear and tear. And unlike the traditional anti-inflammatory injections, that only offer a temporary pain relief, regenerative medicine can restore the healthier tissues to give a lasting relief that assists your well-being and health. 

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