How to Build a Major Playground

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One common factor that is often overlooked is the cost of a play area. Fortunately, a 메이저놀이터can be inexpensive and last for years. Whether you plan to use it as a playground for your children or the community, you’ll want to choose carefully. There are some factors to consider, including the location of the play area, the features it offers, safety concerns, and cost.

Site location

When choosing the site for a major playground, it is important to consider the hazards surrounding the location. This can include dense hedges and surrounding buildings. Moreover, the location should be safe, as children should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Fences and barriers should be installed to prevent injuries and accidents.

The climate of a site can also play an important role in choosing playground equipment and materials. There are four main types of climates: hot, cold, and temperate. Each of these climates has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the climate, you will have to select different types of equipment and materials accordingly.


The most important playground features were slides and ladders, swings, and sand/water play areas. These features supported more play and were associated with higher MVPA. Other factors that increased use were playground restrooms and signage that promoted park programs and physical activity. In addition, parks with restrooms had more person-hours per year than parks without such amenities.

Most playgrounds featured at least four separate structures, with many supporting multiple activities. Swings and slides were the most common structures, with balance equipment, crawl tubes, and spinning equipment also common. Splash pads were less common.


Whether it’s an outdoor 메이저놀이터or a home playground, there are many safety measures to consider. For example, if a playground has a slippery surface, it’s important to consider the type of surfacing underneath the equipment to minimize the risk of injury. The surface should be safe and have appropriate shock-absorbing qualities. Another consideration is the accessibility of the playground.

Before allowing children to use a playground, parents should have an honest conversation with their children about its rules. Explain to your children the potential dangers and how they can prevent them. Then, be sure to remind them of these rules as needed. In addition, it’s important to keep an eye on your child when they’re playing to make sure they follow them.


If you are looking to build a major playground, you’ll likely have to budget for the construction and installation of the playground equipment. The project’s cost will be based on a variety of factors, including site preparation, surfacing, irrigation, and drainage, and the cost of playground equipment. Other factors that can affect your budget include shipping and taxes.

Safety surfacing is another important factor that affects the overall cost. The cost of surfacing varies a great deal based on the type of material you select. For example, installing a playground swing will require a minimum clearance area twice the height of the pendulum’s top point and extend outward from the front and rear of the swing. Another factor to consider is the cushion rating of the playground surfacing, which will also affect the overall cost of the project.

Exit region

The Exit Region is a critical safety component in a playground, as it is the area at the bottom of slides and other play equipment where a child can exit at a safe level. It is designed to prevent lacerations, which can be caused by body parts catching in play equipment. The Exit Region’s perimeter distance from the highest play surface should be between seven and fifteen inches.

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