How to Create a Safe Playground?


A 안전놀이터 should follow the safety rules outlined below. They include protecting the surfacing, using the correct climbing equipment, and adult supervision. Parents should always supervise their children, and it is best to stay nearby. In case of an injury, parents should remain calm and stay with the injured child until medical help arrives. While some injuries can be treated with first aid kits, other injuries should be dealt with by calling 911. In addition, parents should not move an injured child but should ask another adult to help.

Safety rules of a safe playground

There are many safety rules to follow while playing at a playground. For example, you must supervise the children while they are playing, and you must ensure the layout is child-friendly. It is also wise to install perimeter barriers to prevent children from wandering off when the playground is not in use. These boundaries will help prevent injuries and accidents.

Playground injuries are a major cause of pediatric hospital visits. More than 200,000 children in the U.S. go to the emergency room each year for playground-related injuries, and nearly half of these injuries are serious. Playground safety is achievable, but children must know the rules and follow them. Go over the checklist with your children and reinforce the importance of watching out for each other. Also, teach them to use playground equipment only for the purpose intended.

Protective surfacing options

There are a variety of protective surfacing options for your safe playground. Some are more affordable than others. For example, Engineered Wood Fiber is one of the least expensive surfacing options. It offers excellent shock absorption and a firm, slip-resistant surface. However, the product is not as widely available as other surfacing options. Some of these less expensive surfacing options are less durable or may be damaged by water.

Rubber surfacing is another popular choice. This durable, shock-absorbing surfacing option is highly resilient and can withstand intensive activities. It comes in a variety of colors and can be customized to meet the needs of a specific 안전놀이터. The key to a safe playground is choosing a surface that can absorb the impact of children’s falls. You can determine this by checking the fall rating of your playground’s surfacing.

Climbing equipment

Climbing equipment is an important part of a playground. It can provide physical and mental stimulation for children of all ages and should be age-appropriate. While preschoolers and toddlers do not need as much challenge as older children, they should have different kinds of climbing equipment, such as rope bridges, climbing walls, and cargo nets.

Climbing equipment can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly. Kids must be supervised when using it, and they should always climb behind an adult. This will reduce the risk of a child falling. Additionally, children should land on both feet and bend their knees while using the equipment.

Adult supervision

Safe playgrounds with adult supervision are essential to the health and safety of young children. They should be free of obstacles that may hinder staff from observing the entire area and be equipped with a means of calling for help if needed. In addition, staff should be able to monitor the children without having to leave the room.

Studies show that about 40 percent of playground injuries are the result of a lack of supervision. Providing adequate supervision reduces the risk of injury, and it prevents bullying, physical conflict, and peer-to-peer child sexual abuse. Several organizations and groups have developed guidelines for playground safety.

Equipment to Avoid

Keeping your playground as safe as possible is essential for your children. You need to be sure that all equipment is up-to-code, and it should not have any visible damage. Also, check for rust and loose parts, particularly on metal equipment. It is also important to keep playground fences in good condition, free of holes, and without protruding objects that can cut children or entangle their clothing.

Metal playground equipment is especially dangerous in the heat of summer, when children may be exposed to hot surfaces. This can cause contact burns in a matter of seconds. Always have a first aid kit nearby, and make sure children wear appropriate clothing. Clothing without drawstrings or strings should be worn, and children should never wear loose necklaces or scarves.

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