How to Download Movies or Daily Soaps on Star Plus?

Star Plus

If I was asked to name one thing I do when I am bored, I would say ‘binge watching’ and I am quite sure more than half the world’s population is going to respond the same way. That is because, with the advent of OTT platforms and the influence of the recent pandemic, our favourite content is available at our fingertips. 

And the reason many would choose Star Plus is because of the variety of content that it offers. It is suitable for all kinds of people and makes everyone feel comfortable by allowing them to choose their preferred channels, languages and genres. And how can one possibly neglect the vast content: movies, tv shows, sports, and content for kids; Star Plus has it all. You can also use to enjoy content not included in the basic Disney Plus lineup.

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network or ESPN by Disney Media networks and one of its widely loved platforms is Disney Plus Hotstar. Just like Star Plus, this platform is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy their content to the fullest with the best experience. And as the cherry on the cake, there are various subscription packages, which adhere to all different kinds of needs.

In order to download movies and tv shows from Star Plus, we can start by signing up. To do so, simply visit the official website or you can download the ESPN application as well. This is suited for both iOS and Android. On the homepage, you can find the option of Sign Up. Once you enter your credentials, share your information and set a password, your account will be created and you will be able to access the vast array of content you crave. 

You can choose the content you intend to download. For a movie, you can find a download option and click on the same. Your download will begin. In the case of a tv show, you will be able to see all the seasons and episodes and can download individual episodes at your convenience. 

Disney Plus Subscription Plans

With its huge library of tv shows and movies, Disney Plus has caught our eye and has managed to hold out attention ever since. It only makes sense if we want to join their growing subscriber list, which holds over 130 million subscribers already. This is especially true if you are a huge fan of the Star Wars animated movies, the Marvel franchise and Pixan movies. Big-screen films are also available on the platform once they are exhibited in cinema halls. 

Needless to say, this is an investment but it is pocket-friendly and also, let us not forget about the vast spectrum of content we would be able to enjoy. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty details now.

There are two subscriptions in terms of time periods. The first is a 7.99 dollars package for a month. This is termed the Disney Plus Basic. Alternatively, if you are like me and would like to consume your content without any advertisements whatsoever, you can opt for the plan costing 10.99 dollars a month. 

Secondly, you can choose to purchase the subscription plan for a longer duration with an annual rate of 109.99 dollars. This will also allow you to save a few bucks.

Finally, the best option of all: you can opt for a bundle pack. This entails subscriptions to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for a discounted price. Options within these are the Disney+ Bundle Duo Basic, the Disney+ Bundle Trio Basic and the Disney+ Bundle Trio Premium. 

Visit to get more information about the platform and the various subscription plans. And do not worry if you have a sudden change of mind because canceling the subscription is just as easy, regardless of which device you choose. You can also cancel bundle subscriptions.

Is Upgrading to Disney Plus Worth It?

In order to answer this question, let us compare Disney Plus to the other OTT platform options available out there. But before we do so, one noteworthy point is that Disney Plus is available in more than 106 countries as of today.

Now, let us talk about the competition. When you think OTT, you think Netflix. And while Netflix may have a bigger audience and more plans, it cannot compare to the prices Disney Plus offers, especially with its single tier mighty affordable subscription plan worth 7.99 dollars. The same is true for both Amazon Prime and HBO Max as well. Amazon offers its membership starting at 14.99 dollars for a month and HBO Max offers its “with ads” option for 9.99 dollars, which is affordable but Disney Plus still remains a step ahead of them in terms of cost leadership.

However, there is a platform which offers subscriptions less than the price of Disney Plus; Apple TV Plus. Having said that, let us consider the other factors, shall we? While Disney Plus offers variety in highly sought-after tv shows and movies with around 1200 total entertainment content, Apple TV Plus gives us access to around 90 tv shows and movies. 

Apart from this, Disney Plus has brand appeal and Apple TV Plus shows are known for featuring A-List celebrities along with some highly thrilling original programming. While this proves to be a good side dish, it does not exactly satiate the hunger of the content monster inside you.

So, all in all, I think it is safe to say that upgrading to Disney Plus is worth it.

Disney Plus is surely going to improve the quality of content you consume and your experience of binge-watching as well. 

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