Importance of technology in the classroom

technology in the classroom

You must be familiar with the fact that technology is changing the education system dynamically. Modern tech innovations like LMS portal, ERP, and more have changed habitual thinking patterns and helped students and schools sympathize with modern technology. Although there are various benefits of technology, in this article, we will discuss how technology has not only improved students’ life but also given teachers much relief and improved the teaching pattern.

Perks of Using Different Technology in Education

  1. Provide teachers with resources – earlier in the classroom, and there were only whiteboards, and teachers used limited resources and books in the library to teach. However, with modern technology, teachers can guide students thoroughly from various sources, including video/audio and smart boards. This e-learning help teachers improve the materials they provide to students and multiple techniques to instruct their students, including microlearning, video presentation, and many more.
  2. Provide an opportunity to everyone – so talking about classroom studies earlier, it was restricted that limited students could answer in the classroom, and they need to be active in the classroom. In online classes and chats, many students can ask about their doubts, which will help them break the wall and be more confident.
  3. Learning at their own pace– technology help students to learn at their own pace. Even if they miss something in class or don’t understand any topic, they can replay the video and learn about it. Earlier, students felt very awkward to ask from teachers to repeat, but with the help of technology, students can study at their own pace, and they can understand at their level without the fear of getting judged or about what others will think.
  4. Save papers and money – technology has created a significant impact by minimizing the use of papers now; students don’t need to write an assignment or do projects. They have to make a ppt and submit it to the class group. Even teachers don’t have the burden to check or to keep all the assignments; they see all the ppt together in the class group and mark them accordingly. And technology not only saves papers, but it also saves money; now, teachers can give notes and share books and other materials in the form of study material which can help save papers as well money.
  5. Enhance communication – The boom in technology is beneficial for easy communication and clear meet up between teachers, students, and parents. Various techniques and apps available can help parents know about their kids, how they are performing, and their overall performance. These apps also help to know students’ marks, overall performance in extracurricular activities in which they are also participating, the day they are present, and their assignments and project mark. Overall, their parents can easily track every activity kids do. Even teachers and parents can collaborate and discuss students’ performance and try to help improve students’ overall growth.
  6. Technology for school – technology is beneficial for parents or teachers and is also suitable for school and helps maintain school performance. Like some apps provide a virtual school tour, fee payment apps help parents pay the fee at their own pace. It also helps to maintain all attendance, activities, and overall development of the school atmosphere. The use of different software in school is not only making things easier for students or parents but also helping educators. For example, an attendance management system automatically records the presence of students in the classroom, saving their time. Similarly, the school management system easily administrates and conducts different academic activities.

Summing Up

The advancement and boom in technology help explore different learning methods for students. Advanced software and various features make it more beneficial for educators and learners. It allows both of them to teach or learn in the comfort of their own without wasting any time. It comes with its own perk, and everyone starts accepting it because of its benefits.

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