The beginning of Baccarat, the famous casino game.


Baccarat is the card game that is the favorite game for gamblers. This game will use 2 or 3 cards to decide which one is winning. Nowadays, Baccarat has become popular. Many casinos must have baccarat even the online gambling around the world will service this game. In the history of baccarat, this game has begun 500 years ago. Many historians said that the first country that started play Baccarat is Italy by Felix Falguiere or Falguirein. He calls this game “baccara” which in Italian means zero. The reason he named the game “baccara” because the face cards and tens refer to zero.

The historians believe that Felix created the game from the old Etruscan story of virgin who is her life depends on the dice. The detail in this folklore shows that she will become the priestess if the dice is eight or nine. But if the dice is six or seven, she will live with losing her priestly roles in the community. In worst case, if the dice is lower than 6, she will be sacrificed by drowning in the sea. From this folklore to famous casino game because the “Baccara” has spread to newt area which is France and continue to many countries and became the most famous casino card game in this time.

How different between the old one and new one baccarat.

In the present time, the evolution of Baccarat has come too far. The rule of playing has changed for gamblers to play this casino game easier. Today, when you want to play baccarat, you can play easily at every casino in the world. For the rule, you have to choose the table first which each table will set the min/max betting differently. You should choose the table that has min/max bet that cover the money in you pocket. After you sit in table, you will see the dealer that will taking care in shuffling and dealing the card to gamblers who play with her/he. On the table will have 2 sides for gamblers to place their bets which called Banker and Player. The dealer will let the gamblers place the bet first until no more bet on that table. Then the dealer will give 2 cards on each side and compare both to fine the winning side which the gamblers who bet on winning side will be the winners and get their prizes. In case that both sides are draw, the dealer will put one cards on each side and compare the result again. If 3 cards are still draw, on that turn will be set as draw and dealer will pay money back to gamblers who bet on player or banker and for gamblers who place a bet on draw, they will get a lot of money which usually set as 8:1 means that you will get eight times from the money you bet. This rule has become worldwide until all casinos include casino online website used this rule until now. This rule is easy and clear for every gambler who interested in Baccarat.

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