Top 5 casino games you can win easily


Are you new to the gambling world? Or perhaps are you tired of losing your bets? Stop wasting your time on casino games which you find hard to win! These are some of the easiest games where it won’t take you long to win.

1.Slot machines 

First and foremost, you’ll have to understand there are few different types of slot games. There are three-reel slots, five-reel slots, video slots, progressive slots, to name a few. Most online casinos such as Winbox have a wide variety of slot games, especially from popular game providers such as PlayTech and 918Kiss. The key is to learn how each of the different types of slot games work. However, it doesn’t take long to learn them! 

The game is simple – just spin the reels and then to win, you’ll need to have matching symbols. Once you know how to play the different type slot games, that’s all you pretty much need to do – spin the reels and get matching symbols! But the downside is that compared to other casino games, you might find slot machines boring.


Another simple casino game would be blackjack. The game is simple – to win, you need to get as close as possible to the number 21. But the key is to not go above 21 – once you’ve passed 21, then you’ll automatically lose. 

In Blackjack, the card Ace is considered either 11 or 1. All kings, jacks and queens are valued at 10. So while playing, you may strategize easily if you manage to get either of those cards in your hand. Compared to other casino games, blackjack is all about luck, similar to slot games. Other casino games require more strategy thinking rather than relying on just luck.


Aside from being an easy game for beginners, Roulette is also very popular with professional gamblers. Similar to Blackjack, Roulette doesn’t require you to come up with the right strategies. Instead, it relies on luck. 

The idea is to make sure you know the size of your bet amount, the number of colors that you’ve placed your bet on, and then if odd or even numbers are coming up next upon where the ball lands once the wheel is being spinned. As long as you understand the basic rules, you’ll be off to a good start and perhaps go on a winning streak.


If you love watching TV shows or movies, you’ll probably see them play Baccarat if there’s casino scenes in it. This game is quite easy as well since you only need to place your bet on the banker (casino) or the player (yourself).

Essentially, why Baccarat is easy to play is because you don’t really have to do anything. All you have to do is just place your bets – that’s it. The dealer will draw 2 cards that are faced down and 2 cards that are faced up. To win, it boils down to the total value of all the 4 cards. 

Here are the standard values to determine the winner: 

  • 2 or 3 (banker wins)
  • 4 or 5 (a draw) 
  • 6 or 7 (player wins)

Once again, this game relies mainly on luck rather than a strategy. So as a beginner, you don’t have to crack your head trying to come up with a good strategy to win.

5.Video poker

Instead of the usual poker which is played at a poker table, you will be playing with a computerized machine. You have to make sure you’re at the right paytable. This is because you will be paid based on the current video poker machine you’re on (current paytable). 

So with that being said, as long as you’re using the right machine, you are on your way to be on a winning streak! To win, you will be given 5 cards and then it’s up to you how many cards you want to hold before you start drawing new cards. As long as you have the best 5 cards on hand, you’ll win based on the value of the 5 cards. 

There are a few different types of video poker such as Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Bonus Poker, Joker’s Wild, to name a few. 


Here’s a brief overview of the easiest casino games you can win – no matter if you’re a beginner or have been online gambling for a while now. You should always know the kind of game you’re playing and do some research beforehand so that you don’t waste your time and money.

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