Tyre Selection For Drag Racing Grip


The two most essential elements in the ever-falling ETs of the sportsman racing categories are suspension and tyre development. Yes, there are always plenty of novel approaches to constructing more power, but that power wouldn’t be practical if there weren’t also more robust and better components accessible. These accomplishments were only possible with tyres and suspensions optimised for such power. The development of drag tyres in Australia has coincided with the improvement of drag racing suspensions and tyres.

Mixing radials with bias-ply tyres front to back is permitted at drag strips but is not advised for everyday driving. However, the lousy handling qualities you encounter when driving on the street are not evident during a drag race since the speeds are only maintained for a short period.

The tyre market in Australia was estimated to be worth roughly USD 2.04 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to increase to USD 2.70 billion by 2026, rising at a CAGR of 4.19% by 2026 due to an increase in fleet size of cars, which is also driving the country’s aftermarket tyre sales.

Housings For Offset Axles

If you don’t take the time to centre the axle beneath the car, you can find yourself needing to run different wheel backspacing on either side of the vehicle. To clean the tread, you may be unable to switch tyres from side to side, depending on how well they fit. A wheel spacer installed on one axle may increase backspacing while allowing tyres to be switched from one side to the other. When using aftermarket wheels and spacers, verifying the required stud lengths with the track rules (if legal) is essential.

Components Of Rubber

Competition tyres are available in a wide range of compositions. The drag-racing tyres used in this sport are made of a softer substance than regular street tyres, so you may assume that this is an advantage. You can only sometimes rely on this being the case. Tyres with a softer compound are preferable for a lighter vehicle, whereas tyres with a more complex compound are better for a larger vehicle. A reduction in traction may occur if the compound is too harsh for a vehicle of lower mass. There will be premature wear on a heavier vehicle if the compound is too soft.

Bolts For The Wheels

If you’re using soft compound tyres and want to keep them from spinning on the wheel while hooking up at the start line, you should drill the wheels for mounting screws. Mount the tyres and pump them up to 25 psi to complete the installation. Make sure the screws won’t stick out of the wheel so far that they puncture the tyre from the inside before you drill the holes and attach them. Racing tyres include a wider bead at the point of attachment to the wheel, and several companies supply the appropriate length of wheel-mounting hardware. Using between six and eight screws on each side of a wheel is okay.


Keep your drag tyres in Australia inflated to maximum levels. Increasing the amount of air within the tyre reduces the resistance to rolling. As the automobile moves off the starting line, low air pressure causes the wheel to dig into the ground, which may strain the inner tube, de-bead the tyre, and cause the tyre to cup in the centre. Too little air pressure may also cause the automobile to wobble at peak speed. When you are playing with different air pressures for your tyres and see a swaying effect, you know you are at least 2 to 4 pounds short of air pressure from what the tyre demands.

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