What can golfers use as a ball marker on the greens?

ball marker

When golfers reach the green, they usually mark their ball with a small object called a ball marker. Then they can brush away any dirt or sand on their ball, and other players can putt around it without hitting the marked ball.

According to the USGA, a ball marker is anything used to mark the spot of a ball that is being lifted, such as a tee, coin, object made specifically as a ball marker, or another small piece of equipment.

Though coins are among the most commonly-used ball markers, some golfers prefer poker chips or other objects with different designs. These can vary in size and style.

Although the Rules of Golf are pretty relaxed about what golfers can use as a ball marker, players still have plenty of options. Someone can easily make their own personalized marker online. Here is a link to a most leading custom golf ball marker manufacturer: https://vivipins.com/custom-golf-ball-markers/

What can be used as a ball marker in golf?

As of 2019, the Rules of Golf were updated to include a definition of what counts as a ball marker.

The recent rule change in golf states that players cannot use materials found on the ground as ball markers. So, Botanical items such as leaves, grass, and sticks are off-limits.

Golfers commonly use alignment aids, such as a ball marker, to help them gauge the precision of their putts before taking their swing. Though, ball markers with those measurements are regulated. The markers must be less than one inch in height and two inches or smaller in any horizontal direction. They also cannot measure slope, green speed, or other conditions on the course. If a ball marker does not meet those conditions, it is considered an alignment device and incurs punishment.

Therefore, golfers don’t necessarily have to use an object that remains stuck in the ground or anchored to the ground for any length of time. You only need to have a ball marker on the ground for as long as it takes to lift the replacement ball from its position. That means a putter head can be used to mark where the ball was, provided that a golfer is able to steady it against movements.


What can be used as a ball marker in golf?

You can use a tee, coin, the toe of your putter, or another small piece of equipment as a ball marker. You can’t use a natural object, like a leaf or twig, as your ball marker; it must be placed next to the ball. This includes spots behind, in front of, or left and right of the ball.

Can you use anything to mark your ball on the green?

A player may denote her ball by placing a ball marker or small coin, for example, a dime, directly behind the ball on the green.

Do Sharpies work on golf balls?

I couldn’t wait to test this out on my golf balls. The sharpie permanent markers are useful, but I frequently wash my golf balls while on the course. A clean golf ball is easier to find than a dirty one. The sharpie permanent markers barely lasted a round or two.

What does Tiger Woods use as a ball marker?

The Milwaukee Inkzall markers are perfect for those who need a quality product that will last.

Some golfers will even mark their balls with a ring or line to help them better aim. Many professional golfers, such as Tiger Woods, have a favorite marker they use. For example, Tiger Woods notoriously uses a Milwaukee Inkzall marker.

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