What You Need to Be Aware of When Renovating a 3-Room HDB Flat

3-Room HDB

A 3-room HDB renovation is a significant choice. It’s not only about the time and money you’re investing; it’s also about how this will affect your family and way of life. This article compiles a list of things you should know before renovating your 3-room HDB flat.

Renovation is an ongoing procedure, not a one-time event.

For example, if your home requires a new bathroom, you will incur significantly reduced costs if you begin this endeavour first. In addition, obtaining a quotation or consultation from a contractor will help you estimate the cost of renovating your 3-room HDB flat.

When the economy is stable, it will be a good opportunity to renovate.

Whether you decide to renovate your home or relocate is entirely up to you. However, when considering renovations, it is essential to have reasonable expectations for what can be accomplished. You will also need sufficient funds saved to pay for these renovations.

Home renovation requires perseverance, time, and effort.

If you don’t have enough money to complete all of the renovations at once, it’s essential to prioritise what will be done first, second, etc. This ensures that your Singapore renovation is handled in the best possible manner.

Never forget to request a quote.

Before committing to renovations, you can always contact contractors and review bids to determine how much money will be required. This enables you to stick to your budget and know what can be accomplished with the available funds.

Know the HDB rules and regulations before renovations.

Before renovating your HBD 3-room flat in Singapore, it is essential to understand the rules and regulations. For instance, you need to know if there is a policy regarding structural changes that affect parking space and similar matters. You should also be aware that your property will be inspected once the renovation is complete. If it does not satisfy the requirements, you may need to take additional measures, such as repairing or reconstructing. The guidelines for what must be completed during a renovation can be found on the HDB website.

Determine if there are any restrictions on nearby renovations, such as flight paths or decibel levels.

Before renovating your new HDB apartment, you must ensure that no restrictions have been placed on the area you wish to renovate. For instance, will the renovation impact any flight paths or decibel levels? Before moving forward with your plans, you must be aware of these things.

Prioritise repairs.

Obviously, it is necessary to repair any damaged items in your new HDB flat before renovating or refurbishing. However, if there are significant issues, such as leaks or fractures, these must be addressed first, even if it means temporarily deferring the renovations. Moreover, selling the unit may be more profitable if you discover problems that cannot be rectified.

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